Tararua Mountain Race
Challenge yourself in one of the oldest mountain races in New Zealand

Mountain/Trail Running essential

With a total ascent and descent of over 2,500m, hill and offroad running training is essential.

If you cannot train in the Tararua Forest Park, the we recommend you train on a variety of boggy, tree-root strewn tracks.  Most people find the Marchant Ridge section, which is notoriously boggy, tree-rooty and steep, to be the most challenging section.

Pre-event Training Run

If this is your first Tararua Mountain Race, and you have limited "tops" experience or Tararua experience, we encourage you to take part in our pre-event training run.

You will be running with one of our experienced racers who will provide you with tips and tricks to help you have a safe, great and enjoyable race.

Details on when the training run will happen will be posted on the website a few weeks before we plan to take the run so you have time to hone your training and arrange your weekend.

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