Tararua Mountain Race
Challenge yourself in one of the oldest mountain races in New Zealand

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TMR 2019 Results  


Final results including Alpha and Kime Splits.  

TMR 2019 Results
2019.pdf (151KB)
TMR 2019 Results
2019.pdf (151KB)

T2019 Race Summary

by Chris Martin (published by NZ Trail Run)

One of the classics of the New Zealand calendar, the TMR is a fantastic community-run event. It crosses the rugged Tararua range just north of Wellington. The route is a point to point – the mighty Southern Crossing. It’s a multi-day walk or a long run, with a decent tussocky exposed section above 1,200m. A couple of years ago we had a strong northerly wind and hail in our eyeballs, so there was much to look forward to. Fortunately we had a better day this time, but lots of rain in the run-up made sure the track was suitably rutted and slippery.  More

TMR 2019 Photos

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Training Run Success

The Training Run last weekend went well.  The runners got across the tops in good time and reported the track isn't too bad and the water tanks in Alpha and Kime are full!  The weather was usual Tararua weather with wind and mist around Mt Hector.

Ready to go

Mt Hector



The Tararua Mountain Race is one of New Zealand's oldest mountain races, having first been raced in 1990.   The Tararua Ranges are widenly renowned in New Zealand for tough mountain terrain and weather, so the race is not for the inexperienced or faint hearted! 


Traditionally the race is held over the Southern Crossing.  From 2014 a new route was introduced as an alternative course along the river valleys between Kaitoke and Holdsworth - another classic Tararua tramping route.


2018 Training Run - David and Bing


Newshttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Thanks to our Volunteershttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20190406110300-3355&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361The TMR is only as successful as our wonderful crew of volunteers who take time out from their own outdoor activities to come and help us over the weekend. Marshals at Alpha and Kime make their way up to the...Fri, 05 Apr 2019 22:03:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20190406110300-3355&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612019-04-05T22:03:00ZOver 100 runners to competehttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20190305101522-4131&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Over 100 runners are set to compete in the 2019 Tararua Mountain Race on Saturday. Previous Men's Open winner Ben Clendon has registered and is keen to try and set a new race record. In the Women's field,...Mon, 04 Mar 2019 21:15:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20190305101522-4131&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612019-03-04T21:15:00Z2019 Tararua Race Registrations Openhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20181129145820-4678&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Registrations to open today for the 2019 Tararua Mountain Race. Again the course will take competitors across the notorious Southern Crossing from Kaitoke to Otaki Forks. Last year competitors started the race...Fri, 30 Nov 2018 11:00:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20181129145820-4678&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-11-30T11:00:00ZTMR Donation to LandSARhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20181126145514-1081&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Each year the TMR race profits are donated to LandSAR. In 2017, we were able to donate $7,000 to LandSAR Wellington. We recently received the following information about how the funding was used. $2,000...Mon, 26 Nov 2018 01:55:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20181126145514-1081&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-11-26T01:55:00Z2019 TMR Race Confirmed - 9 Marchhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180624165635-6087&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361The 2019 Tararua Mountain Race will again pit our hardy competitors against the elements of the Southern Crossing. We'll again start you at Kaitoke and finish at Otaki Forks.Sun, 24 Jun 2018 04:56:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180624165635-6087&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-06-24T04:56:00ZTMR 2018 Thanks to the volunteershttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180226113928-4824&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Without the help and support from all the volunteers, the race wouldn't happen every year. Thanks in particular to our race marshals at Alpha - Clive, Guy and Cam, and Kime - Mike, Fi and AJ - who all headed...Sun, 25 Feb 2018 22:39:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180226113928-4824&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-02-25T22:39:00ZTMR 2018 including new race recordhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180226112718-6975&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361What a great day on Saturday for the race. The start at Kaitoke was a starry and moonlit morning with no wind. Across the tops, while mist did drop in and out occassionally, there was blue sky and an OK NW...Fri, 23 Feb 2018 22:27:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180226112718-6975&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-02-23T22:27:00Z2018 TMR Training Runhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180216224457-202&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361After half a dozen pullouts, it was just Ben, Bing and David who started running just after 7am Saturday morning. The weather was great. It was perfectly calm and mostly just high cloud that kept the sun off...Fri, 16 Feb 2018 09:44:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180216224457-202&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-02-16T09:44:00ZSpaces still available for the 2018 eventhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180213182423-6317&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Spaces are still available for the 2018 event so don't miss out on competing in an iconic mountain racing event. Tue, 13 Feb 2018 05:24:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180213182423-6317&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-02-13T05:24:00ZTararua Mountain Race Training Run - 10 Februaryhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180122193348-9980&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Trustee and previous race winner Ben Clendon will be taking a training run across the race route on Saturday 10 February. This run is designed for new runners and those with limited Tararua experience to run...Mon, 22 Jan 2018 06:33:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20180122193348-9980&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612018-01-22T06:33:00ZWellington LandSAR Donationhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20171102161752-8670&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361In August the Tararua Mountain Race Trust donated $7000 to Wellington LandSAR from the 2017 race. Paul Helm (Treasurer) and Cat McBean (Race Director) attended the LandSAR AGM and presented the donation to...Wed, 01 Nov 2017 11:00:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20171102161752-8670&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612017-11-01T11:00:00ZParafed Wellington Donationhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20171102162146-330&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361The Tararua Mountain Race Trust donated $2000 to Parafed Wellington who provide sport and recreation opportunities to people with physical disabilities. This year Parafed Wellington arranged the catering for...Tue, 31 Oct 2017 11:00:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20171102162146-330&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612017-10-31T11:00:00ZNew Website Launchedhttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20170902141456-6811&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361Welcome to the new Tararua Mountain Race website. We have changed the site and added new information. You can now find the results dating back to the first race in 1990! Also available are race records. ...Fri, 01 Sep 2017 12:00:00 GMThttp://tmr.org.nz/Home/index.php/;focus=ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_1299361?a=20170902141456-6811&m=d#ICONZP_cm4all_com_widgets_News_12993612017-09-01T12:00:00Z


Tararua Mountain Race supports Wellington and Wairarapa LandSAR by providing donations after each race to not only thank the LandSAR teams for assisting with the Race, but also to acknowledge the invaluable service LandSAR provide in keeping us all safe in the outdoors.