Tararua Mountain Race
Challenge yourself in one of the oldest mountain races in New Zealand

Current Race Custodians

The race is operated by  the Tararua Mountain Race Trust which was established in 2011 by some previous participants and members of the Wellington mountain running community.   The purpose of the Trust is to support mountain running with any profits from the event going to LandSAR (Land Search and Rescue) in the Wellington Region.

The six trustees, all of whom are past or present competitors are:  Terry Patterson (Chair), Paul Helm, Jo Holden, Ben Clendon, Allan Stowell and Mike Sheridan.   

Cat McBean took over the role as the Race Director for 2017.  Cat has been involved with the race for over 5 years at the start and finish.

Cat works in sport management and was the General Manager of Orienteering NZ for 7 years. She has also been involved in a number of iconic outdoor races and events, such as the Mountains to Sea and The Big Coast.

History of the Race

Brent Harrison (owner of the well known Mainly Tramping shop) conceived and organised the first Southern Crossing race in 1990.  He managed the race for a number or years before handing over to Lyndsay Fletcher.  

Lyndsay handed the race management on to Mike Sheridan in 2011 who has acted as Race Director before handing it on to Cat in 2016.  Lyndsay and Mike are still involved in the race, volunteering their time and expertise to ensure the race retains its authentic character, and also to help keep our competitors safe.

Terry Patterson and Allan Stowell have both completed the race every year, but despite having no intention to stop, both came to their senses in 2019 and agreed to move from race participant to race volunteer, meaning they retain the joint title of longest participant, or perhaps slowest learner!


Terry Patterson, Brent Harrison, Allan Stowell

Race Supporters and Volunteers

Like all sports events in the outdoors, the race would not be able to be run without the ongoing support from volunteers.  The Wellington Ridge Runners have long supported our event, helping with promotion, marketing and also volunteering on the day.

The Tararua Mountain Race has a large group of volunteers (approx 50) who help out on race day.  Many are seen on the course such as the race marshalls and SAR teams, while others are in the background supporting from afar - AREC and HQ coordination team.

We are also thankful for the ongoing support provided by the NZ Police Wellington SAR Coordinators who provide invaluable technical and logistical support to ensure our competitors safety is maintained.